Project launch / 1st kaduna State Quarterly Working Group Meeting on the Administration of Criminal Justice (ACJA 2015)


We all have a stake in the implementation of the Administration of the Criminal Justice Act. For most part, it is an opportunity to work with those who have demonstrated a passion for effective Justice delivery in Nigeria for most of their careers, for others it is the opportunity to learn more about the Administration of the Criminal Justice in Nigeria.

In every case, it is important for all of us to gather together in such a congenial atmosphere to discuss the problems we are faced with in the implementation of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act in Nigeria and their possible solutions. I am confident that the exchanges between participants during the meeting will not only beam the spot light on progress made in the implementation of the Act but the need to breach gaps identified.

The project being executed by CLEEN Foundation is centered on Promoting Accountability and Transparency in the Administration of Criminal Justice System in Nigeria. The project is targeted at the digitization of court proceedings/judgments in Nigeria with a view to promoting accountability and transparency in the fight against corruption. The project principally seeks to monitor cases of corruption in relation to ACJA 2015 through a web-based platform- Uwazi doc which is functional, accessible and within the reach of the public.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank MacArthur Foundation for funding this project.

The Administration of Criminal Justice Act, (ACJA) 2015 was enacted as an instrument, which merged the provisions of the two previous principal legislations, namely: Criminal Procedure Act (CPA) and the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC). The Act was not designed to do away with the already existing criminal laws in its entirety, but was designed to preserve and strengthen the existing legal framework by introducing innovative provisions that will give a face lift to the efficiency of the justice system. The new legislation has brought fundamental changes to the criminal justice system, as it provides for an administration of criminal justice system which promotes fast tracking of justice delivery, efficient management of criminal justice institutions, protection of citizens as well as protection of the rights and interest of suspects, defendants and victims.

The objective of the Act may never be attained unless and until all relevant stakeholders in the criminal justice system are aligned to work collaboratively to ensure that the Act is not just implemented but fully complied with by all judicial actors.

Distinguished participants, it is my honour to declare the Project Launch / 1st Kaduna State quarterly working group meeting on “Promoting Accountability and Transparency in the Administration of Criminal Justice System in Nigeria” open.

I wish you all very fruitful and result oriented deliberations.

Thank you for coming and God bless us all.


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