Court dissolves 20-yr-old marriage over stubbornness allegation


A customary court sitting in Ibadan yesterday dissolved a 20-year-old marriage between Gbenga Adetunji and his wife, Temitope, over stubbornness allegation on the part of the wife.

The president of the court, Chief Ademola Odunade, ordered Adetunji to pay a sum of N6000 for the feeding allowance of the two children in the marriage.

Odunade also ordered him to pay for the school fees and health bills of the two children in the marriage whenever they demand for it.

The court president ruled that the court was able to establish that the plaintiff was not complying with instructions from her husband (defendant), which may be due to the loss of his job and consequent inability to play his matrimonial responsibilities.

Temitope had petitioned the court that her husband had never cared for the family since they got married 15 years ago.

She alleged that he also teamed up with his mother to beat her.

“My lord, please separate us. My husband is a wicked man and never cared for us. There is no food and no money in the house. He was sacked by P and G when he had an accident. Even when he was in active service, he told me his salary was N10,000, though I knew it was more than that. I don’t know what he was doing with his money then,” she said.

Reacting to the allegations, the defendant said his wife was very stubborn and wicked.

Adetunji said, “I want this honourable court to know that she is very stubborn and never listened to me. There was a church in my area where I warned her never to attend again, but she wouldn’t comply.

“She often reports me to the pastor and I have warned her against that many times, but she was adamant. If that is what she wants, I am also ready for divorce.”


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