Armies, Boko Haram in Damboa Extreme Combat


Boko Haram insurgents and Nigerian armies fought a heavy battle for Damboa on Wednesday.

It has been said that the insurgents wrote to the community that they would overpower it.
In the southern part of Borno State, the insurgents had brought about 30 gun trucks to invade the town.

Nevertheless, the men from the military / civil JTF engaged them in firefight.

Sources there said because of their message, the military and the Civilian JTF were ready for the insurgents.

Reports said the insurgents invaded the community about 5 am and seemed to have an advantage, but the soldiers and Civilian JTF called for air support, which heavily came down on the insurgents.

The sources said that when the battlefield was “too hot for them,” the insurgent had to withdraw. A credible security source sad that the assault was huge but “we are thankful to God that the military was able to withstand and repel the insurgents.”

He said the insurgents invaded Damboa between 5 am and 6 am and exchanged gunfire with the military and the Civilian JTF. He said, “Even though few of the Civilian JTF’s men were lost, the insurgents suffered heavily and had to escape back into the bushes. Three gun trucks were destroyed among those brought by the insurgents, and 18 were captured.

All efforts to get military clarification was unsuccessful as Col. Isa Ado, the spokesman for Operation Lafiya Dole (the North-East military counter-insurgency operation) phone rang out.


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