PDP seemingly silence is strategic –Prince Osobase Lewis


By Matthew Aramunde


A top notcher of the People’s Democratic Party(PDP) in Edo State Prince Osobase Lewis, has said that the assumed seemingly silence of the main opposition party the PDP, over the current crisis rocking the ruling party the APC in Edo State, is strategic.

He was responding to question when he addressed a motley of Journalist at his homestead at Ewohimi in the Esan South East LGA of Edo State over the weekend.

Speaking further, he noted that it is a common phenomenon that crisis must as a matter of necessity crop up within party establishments and that all parties at one stage or the other are bitten by the bug crisis.

He however maintained that they of the PDP unlike the ruling party, have always come out of crisis clean and do let crisis fester unnecessarily for a long period of time, until issues are quickly and speedily resolved.

“We of the PDP are one family so whenever there is misunderstanding. our well-grounded party elders and leaders quickly rally round and settles such differences with the speed of light”.

On the chances of his party at the forthcoming election in Edo State, the Lagos based Philanthropist and Oil and Gas mogul noted that all Edolites have realized the deceit that is called APC and are now beckoning on the PDP to come and rescue them from the vampires that have continue to pilfer the commonwealth of the Edo people. He revealed that a number of top members of the party are facing one charge or the other with financial crime agencies in the country and that the day of reckoning for them is very close.

He further noted that the PDP will not stand akimbo in the face of these anomalies perpetrated by these political rascals, but must accede to the yearning of the people and rescue them.

He advised the party faithful to remain steadfast and peaceful even in the face of provocation as he is optimistic that come the forthcoming election, the PDP shall remove them from the perpetual suffering they have been subjected to over the years.





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