Protest: commercial driver protest against park manager extortion in Oyo state


Commercial drivers in Ibadan demonstrated about alleged regular payment of about N600 as a ticket fee against the N200 stipulated by the Oyo State government under the new arrangement which is  Park Management System.
Commercial drivers who took their protest to famous on-air personality’s office, Alhaji Oriyomi Hamzat, said they can no longer tolerate the extortion as they are well aware that the state’s National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) is proscribed.

They stated that besides the N200 mandated by the state government for them to pay as a daily fee, they also pay at different junctions between N50 and N100 without receipts, which amounted to a daily rate between N400 and N600.
They said the situation is no different from the arrangement with NURTW.
Speaking in a live stream on Facebook, the drivers claimed that they would reject the request for money aside from the N200 that the state government would have them pay.

One of those protesters who failed to mention his name said: One of them who did not mention his name said: “We are not going to give anybody above the N200 we are asked to pay by the state government. Because what the park managers are doing is totally different from their mandate. We are all aware that NURTW is still under proscription, so we don’t know where the money they collected in excess is going to be remitted”.
”We are totally against this arrangement and we want the state government to take necessary action to address this issue as we are no longer going to give anyone more than N200 and we know it won’t augur well with those collecting the money and this may lead to arguments and eventual fight,”he concluded.

Note that the Oyo State government recently set up a Park Management System to manage the state’s commercial transportation affairs, which it said was intended to increase the state’s internal revenues.


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