I Am Tired Of Living Like This | What Should I Do?


I am tired of living like this. What should I do?

I am a mother of four. Three boys and a girl. I have been married for 10 years now but we’ve been together for almost 2 decades. So one can say we grew up together.

To GOD be the glory, we are not rich but we don’t beg. I pray for more but I am always thankful for what GOD has blessed us with. In fact, hubby complains that all I do is say, we should thank GOD for the small things we have. He wants it all big but I always make him understand that there is time for everything and our time will come.

While he is the best father any child can pray for, I can’t say he’s a good husband. I can score him 30 percent out of a hundred of how good a husband he is. Yet, I tell myself that we can’t have it all and console myself with how lucky the children are to have such a good dad.

The problem is that he cheats, drinks and doesn’t respect me. In fact, he used to beat me and stopped when I involved the government. He promised to change and I was really hoping for the changes but from what I can see now, I am now telling myself that it would never happen.

It’s not hard for me to know as soon as he meets a new woman (married or single). He will just develop this hatred for me and will curse me at any slightest given opportunity. As he can’t beat me anymore, he has resorted to hurling heavy curses at me.

He won’t come home for days. He would go clubbing and come home dead drunk and when I try to question him to set his ways straight, he would give me the history of my life.

The painful thing is that he doesn’t respect me at all. He does these things and rub them in my face and dares me to do my worst. I’m tired of living like this and all I hear is from people is, “just ignore and be patient for your children.” This is so saddening and I can’t continue living a pitiful life. What should I do?


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