RELATIONSHIP: Before you breakup , think on these things


How did you get to the point where the one person you once professed unending love for became the state’s enemy (that is you)?
This sometimes happens but if every box has been ticked correctly it shouldn’t happen to you.
So, if you are having problems in your relationship at the moment, you’re about to break up or you feel like there’s something lacking in your love life…

You need to look at these:

Knowing how you got here will keep you from making the same mistake later in the future.
What were my mistakes? Will I have to get into the relationship first? How did things get bad? If I behaved sooner, would I have been able to fix it?

Both of these questions are going to direct you to how you got there. When you can trace the cause, you can also decide whether a breakup or a counseling is what you need.

2. What is it that you like now?
There’s no point in crying when the milk is already poured out. There might still be a little chance if it was about to spill, but even if it is spilled. Get up, and clean and take a walk.
Crying, moping and feeling bad for your plight right now does not do you any good. You have to ask the question; now what do I want?

That is what counts! Would you explain what you wish in detail?

Take a diary, and write in detail what you desire and the feeling of love you desire. When you put pen to paper, you’ll start seeing things in a different light and you’ll be enveloped in joy. First, the reason you’re having your current problem might be because you didn’t exactly identify what you want in a relationship or marriage.

3. Who do I have to become to get what I want right now?
The error many of us make is that we worry of’ what’ we need to do, rather than’ who’ we need to become.
Your experience is a product of who you are. The lover that you attract is the product you’ve become of. You ought to represent positive ideals and principles to help attract and produce better outcomes in relationships. This is what I call the partner of high importance.

Once you are The High-Value Partner (I don’t mean the’ valuable partner’), you have a better understanding of yourself, why you behave and attract the way you do so, how your family and environment have led to your present reality and how you can turn it around to accomplish total experience of Happiness. Begin a path to become a much better person, and see how dramatically things improve for you.

4. Decide

I hate breaks up! I hate dilly-dallying though when break-up is the only choice left to move forward.
When you’ve done all the research and you’re confident a break-up is the right option, stop wasting the time. Use it anyway.
When you don’t, you are likely to hurt your partner while he can hurt you, too. You will continue to mentally hurt yourself until it kills you.
I just need you to know you’re not bad. You are not incorrect. Don’t be bad. Don’t believe the tag you were offered as’ un-caring.’ You are not the worst boyfriend, husband / wife and IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT it doesn’t work out.

 feedback is important

You can now believe your break-up is your fault, or the issues in your relationship. This thinking, I want you to discard it now. It’s not your fault because there is feedback on everything in life.
You’ve just heard a few things that you can no longer carry into a relationship. You’re getting better and I can guarantee you’re about to rock your next relationship into a Happy Marriage if you carry on with this attitude.


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