Abraham Ayo: a pastor from the great ECWA family


By Emmanuel Udom


 It is likely that Abraham Ayo, the presiding pastor of Evangelical Church Winning All, (ECWA), in Ifo, Ogun state, may have been destined from his mother’s womb to be born, nurtured, off course battered and married to the great ECWA family.

Money is not everything and I know that since this writer moved from Lagos to Ifo, my interactions with the pastor, showed he is striving to be an honest, transparent and sincere person.

Truth is that no one is perfect, not even Emmanuel Udom, or our beloved readers, across the globe.

Born in the 1960s to an ECWA family at in Mopa Muro village in Kogi state, Abraham   attended Government Secondary, Kogi and ended up with a B.A in Theology from ECWA Theoretical Seminary in Kwara state.

While growing up, the pastor told this writer that he used to go from house-to-house in Kogi to preach the gospel of Jesus, the Christ, even at his tender age and he Was nick-named a born-again from his mother’s womb.

His parents and others in the community were convinced in spirit that he was truly called by God from the womb to spread the gospel to the remotest parts of the earth.

His words: “I eventually was deployed from Ibadan district of the church to Ifo in Ogun state in August 2016, after my graduation and absorption to work for the church”.

Abraham, who is also the chairman, Ifo chapter of the Christian association of Nigeria, told this writer point-blank that though ECWA has global real and networks, finance is at the center of the many challenges facing the church in Ifo.

Flattering his beloved wife to high heavens, Abraham, said he is deeply grateful to God for bring his wife, who is a daughter of an elder in the church his way.

His words: “Like Azuma rock, my beloved wife is solidly behind me and my mission to preach the gospel from the very day, she stepped into my house, after marriage”.


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