Coronavirus Dangerous scenario: She ran away from isolation


A Coronavirus patient has fled from an isolation center where she and eight others were being held.
The culprit is one of the eight Guineans who screened positive for the novel coronavirus .

She fled the facility they were quarantined at in Tamale, Ghana.
Ghana has reported 152 Coronavirus cases so far, with five deaths and two recoveries.
The patient, a woman in her early 20s, scaled over a wall leaving behind her belongings Monday, according to the Northern Regional Minister, Salifu Saeed.
He described it with the novel coronavirus as “a very troubling condition, because she is optimistic.”

“Since yesterday, up till this morning, I have not slept, with my security people. I directed that they should use all their networks to be able to track the person down and get her,” Mr. Saeed told the media.”

There were two police officers and two soldiers patrolling the guest house, where the infected persons were being monitored, according to Citi News.
Despite the severity of the situation, Saeed has urged people to remain calm.

“Our people are safe… we are working very hard to ensure that the people don’t get too panicked. Nobody should be afraid because the security personnel are on top of the issues.”


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