Covid-19: Oyo commercial drivers defy directive on social distancing


Many commercial drivers in Oyo State are flouting the social distancing order given by the Oyo State Government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in public transport.

A Nigeria News Agency correspondent, who went round Ibadan metropolis on Thursday, observed that the popular Micra taxis were still carrying three passengers at the back and two in front.

The tricycles, popularly called Keke Napep, were also still carrying three passengers at the back and one in front, with most commercial motorcyclists carrying two passengers instead of one.

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But the Secretary of Eleyele Park Manager at Mokola Roundabout, Idris Rabiu, said most drivers on his route were adhering strictly to government’s directive.

“Most of my people on Eleyele Route complied with the order and those that disobey the order will be arrested by the Federal Road Safety Corps, ” he said.

Rabiu also said three drivers plying the Mokola- Eleyele route were arrested by the FRSC on Thursday morning for defying the order.

A former Chairman of Bodija Park, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said drivers need sensitisation as they only know of hand washing as a means of preventing COVID-19.

Another driver, who did not want his name mentioned, told NAN that most drivers plying Bodija route were ignorant of the directive on social distancing.

He said the park managers should be responsible for sensitising their members on issues of stipulated number of passengers to be carried at once.

A passenger, Mr Emmanuel Osita, told NAN that he was aware of the directive on social distancing and would not allow any driver to pick more than the required number of passengers in any vehicle he was in.

Osita said the drivers were aware of the social distancing directive to contain COVID-19, but ignore it due to excessive desire to make profit.

He advised the state government to increase awareness on radio and television, saying that jingles in the three major indigenous languages would sensitise those at the grassroots.

Osita also advised commuters to always insist on two in the back seat and one in the front seat when entering Micra taxi cabs in Ibadan metropolis.

NAN also observed that buses plying Beere- Academy and Mokola-Ologuneru route as well as inter-state buses were not complying with the directive.



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